Corian Made to stock color


Corian® Aurora is a warm beige yellow-based neutral, densely textured with small white and brown particles.
Blomming Green
Corian® Bone is a smooth white with gray tones.
Citrus Orange
Corian Abalone
Corian® Abalone has a velvety-smooth neutral texture with yellow undertones and small particles in white and tan.
Corian antarctica
Corian® Anthracite is a deep rich charcoal with a subtle texture created by tiny, reflective particles.
Corian® Antarctica is a soft white textured with large stark white particles.
Corian Cameo White
Corian® Cameo White is a soft, chalky, natural comfortable solid white that is most compatible with its interior surroundings.
Corian Canyon
Corian® Canyon has a complex texture with a rich brown base with mid-size particles of equal amounts of warm and cool particles that neutralize the base.
Corian Designer White
Corian® Designer White is a crisp, bright white for bold design.
Corian Everest
Corian® Everest is a slightly grayed white, textured with small black and white particles.
Corian Glacier Ice
Corian® Glacier Ice is an elegant translucent, pale, pure white.
Corian Glacier White
Corian® Glacier White is a crisp white, as pure as freshly fallen snow.
Corian Rice Paper
Corian® Rice Paper is a monochromatic yellow-based off-white that is the colour of rich butter cream in a smooth matrix with randomly spaced translucent particles and small tone-on-tone particles.
Corian Silverite
Corian® Silverite is part of the Metallic Series. It is a silver gray with soft silver metallic highlights.
Corian Venaro White
Corian® Venaro White is a smooth white-on-white colour: pure white and soft white marbleized.
Corian Whisper
Corian® Whisper is white with a hint of warmth in a smooth opaque matrix with a fine sprinkling of tone-on-tone particles.
Corian EC Deep Nocturne Detail
 Corian® Nocturne is a solid pure black.
Deep Gray
Diamond Blue
Corian® Dove is a mid-tone gray with a hint of warmth and randomly spaced translucent particles of various sizes.
DSP Corian Photograph Salt
Corian® Salt has a light base that features small icy particles
DSP Corian Photograph Torrento White (D)
Corian® Torrente White is a translucent white colour that imitates the movement of long lasting, freely flowing water.
Corian® Hot is a strong, solid, graphic red.
Imperial Yellow
Corian® Linen is a natural, neutral texture with soft small white and light brown particles, compatible with natural stone.
Corian® Mojave has a warm sandstone colour base with small darker tone-on-tone particles – a natural complement to a wide range of woods in the yellow to red family.
Corian® Raffia is a warm monochromatic yellow-based neutral reminiscent of straw in a smooth matrix with randomly spaced translucent particles and small tone-on-tone particles. Corian® Raffia contains a minimum of 20% pre-consumer recycled content as verified by SCS.
Corian® Sahara is a textured yellow-based neutral with a range of particles, the large in off-whites and small in contrasting dark brown.
Corian® Savannah is a light, natural, neutral and densely textured with large particles in a range of whites and beiges, compatible with natural stones.