DuPont™ Montelli Solid Surface is a practical and stylish decorative material, wall panels, coffee tables, reception desks, kitchen which can be used in a variety of applications in both commercial and residential sectors such as wall panels, coffee tables, reception desks, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and shower surrounds. A composite product, DuPont™ Montelli is produced by a continuous casting process, meeting strict quality control standards. It is supplied in sheets. Because the material is solid and uniform right through, the surface is durable, non-porous, hygienic and repairable. These performance benefits make DuPont™ Montelli, a suitable material for areas subject to very heavy use and easy to work with.

Density 1.73 g/cm3 DIN ISO 1183
Flexural strength Flexural strength MPa DIN EN ISO 178
Dimensional stability at 20° C <0.16 % DIN EN ISO 4586 T10
Impact resistance (large ball drop) >120 Cm DIN ISO 4586 T12
Impact resistance (spring load) >25 N DIN ISO 4586 T11
Hardness of surface (Mohs index) 2-3 DIN EN 101 : 1992-01
Compressive strength 168 MPa EN ISO 604
Resistance to boiling water – Increase in weight 0.14 % DIN EN 4586 T7
Resistance to boiling water – Surface Change Grade 5* DIN EN 4586 T7
Resistance to dry heat (@ 180 ° C) Grade 5* DIN ISO 4586 T8
Thermal Shock No Visible Image UNI 9429
Resistance to abrasion 74.892 Loss in weight mm3/ 100 rev. DIN ISO 4586 T6
Light fastness (Xenon Arc) >6 Blue wool scale DIN ISO 4586 T16
Fire classification Euroclass B-s1,dO DIN EN 13501 – 1:2002

This information corresponds to our current knowledge on the subject. It is offered solely to provide possible suggestions for your own experimentations. It is not intended, however, to substitute for any testing you may need to conduct to determine for yourself the suitability of our products for your particular purposes. This information may be subject to revision as new knowledge and experience become available. Since we cannot anticipate all variations in actual end-use conditions, DuPont makes no warranties and assumes no liabilities in connection with any use of this information. Nothing in this publication is to be considered as a license to operate under or a recommendation to infringe any patent right. Product safety information is available on request.

Available sizes: 12mm thickness – 30” (760mm) & 120” (3050mm)
Please check for the availability of colors with your nearest dealer